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AncestryK12 is pleased to offer grants providing one year of access to Ancestry Classroom (U.S. content), Fold3, and to selected classrooms and schools.

Teachers, school administrators, and district officials may apply to receive access to these amazing services for an entire year (with the ability to renew upon request).

Grant Guidelines: All U.S. public and private schools that serve K12 students are eligible to apply for the Ancestryk12 grant program. The content provided under an AncestryK12 grant is meant solely for on-campus access only; no remote access is allowed. If you are a school administrator, teacher, or otherwise part of an educational setting and you intend to have students utilize the AncestryK12 services and the online content provided under an AncestryK12 grant, you agree to take all necessary actions to comply with applicable student privacy laws, including, but not limited to, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA) and Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). To be awarded a grant, an applicant must be appropriately accredited, have a physical location that supports an external IP range, and meet all grant requirements that are in in effect. AncestryK12 has the right to refuse access to the grant program if the applicant cannot complete and meet all the requirements of the program, in AncestryK12’s sole discretion.

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  • Did you request access for a specific project or curriculum? If so, what were they?
  • What was the objective of the project?
  • Was the project a success?
  • Did the students enjoy working with original records?
  • What would you do differently?
  • Will you be repeating this project or expanding it?
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